When Your Story is Your Strategy

narrative marketing for business leaders in creative industries

You’re a leader. A changemaker. A linchpin.

You are in motion and building your work. You take the big risks to do this work.

And still: You feel stuck. Paralyzed. Overwhelmed. You’re starting the work you’re passionate about. But there are problems–you aren’t sure how to move to the next stage, how to set boundaries on your Yes and your No, where you’re even trying to go.

Without a clear story, it all starts to sound like noise.

It’s time to align your work with who you are. It’s time to uncover the narrative that’s driven your best work since Day #1 and build a brand congruent with your personal story.

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By working with Dana, I found the people who relate to my story and what drives me. And the web copy is so true to my spirit that people actually spend time to explore the different pages because they feel like they can discover different parts of me.

This is what what Dana does with infinite clarity: she puts into words the jumble in your head. I highly recommend her to anybody who is starting a business or just wants to take a new turn: she will make your message so clear that you’ll wish you had found her long ago.

Sonya Dessureault
Dance Professional, Sonya.Dance

Meet Dana

Bringing Narrative Marketing to business leaders and creatives

My work is to help you uncover your story and align your work with who you are. I believe that your story is critical for genuine branding and marketing strategy.

My Why: to tell the story beneath our stories so we can be who we are and do the work that matters.

It started as a side gig–helping college students tell their stories in personal statements and job applications. Now, I have ten years of experience helping people identify their “me” statement and get to congruency in their work. When we say who we are—out loud—in a way that makes sense to ourselves and to the world–that’s when the magic kicks in!



Story Discovery

  • "I create fun to lighten the load."
  • "What if we stay curious about the undiscovered?"
  • "I help people have a better relationship with their place."
  • "I bring insight and clarity to resolve complex people problems."

These are real stories that belong to real people. A nurse, an entymologist, a data scientist, a mechanical engineer: can you even guess who is who? Their story, their statement of who they are, isn’t a direct connection to their career–it’s deeper and bigger than that. It’s personal language that resonates with who they are in work and life.

You have one too.

And when you can say this, out loud, the decisions you make will change and root themselves in clarity, confidence, and direction.

Positioning + Audience Discovery

Brand Story

A brand story is the basis of your work. This is the story that you can hand to your team and know you are all on the same page.

The brand story includes:

·      Your unique value offer

·      Your unique story

·      Your ideal audience and their story

·      The marriage of your story and theirs: your product

·      Messaging structure for core business documents

A brand story is the essential first step for building a business that allows you to do the work that matters. The business story can be used to launch your visual brand, your marketing campaigns, and your social media work. With this story, you have an anchor that everything comes back to, that your business emerges from.

Telling Your Story

Strategic Language

Deploy you story throughout your business presence, from your website to your deliverables to your company culture. This isn’t just copy writing–it’s your voice emerging from your story and speaking to your audience.


I really cannot over emphasize this: Dana’s Why Workshop and ensuing report was WITHOUT QUESTION miles and miles above any other workshop or facilitated event I have ever attended. She helped me find coherency in my own life and the work I want to do in the world–and in a way that workshop leaders paid far more have been unable to do.

Dr. Jessica Menold
Founder of Amparo and CurioSpace, Penn State Engineering Faculty

Dana has helped me wade through murky ideas and arrive at clearer thought and expression. Her great talent is her ability to help me sort through my internal Why to find my own best words.

Michael Rog
Entrepreneur and Business Owner of Top Shelf Craft

I just couldn’t figure out why all the advice I heard for running a fashion brand felt so wrong for me. By working with Dana, I figured out that I’m someone who thrives in the MIDDLE of the story! I wanted a brand that was as authentic as my journey through undiagnosed narcolepsy and into creating iconic fashion pieces that empower women with congruency. Dana directed this process so well, adapting to my needs and addressing the hard moments.

Michelle Zagardo
Founder of Lysande, Fashion Brand

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