Meet Dana

How I Think About Marketing

  1. First: what you tell yourself about your work is what your clients will hear about your work.
  2. Second: this means that your internal work is necessary for an effective external brand.
  3. Third: It takes a trained listener and synthesizer to translate your personal narratives around your work into the external message you want your clients to hear.
My Heroes

Congruency Ninjas

By Parker Palmer

Let Your Life Speak

The Golden Circle that started it all and behind the 3rd most watched TED Talk of all time.

All of Seth Godin has been influential. But this one is motivating to get to your story and do the thing!

By Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

Dynamic and practical. Full of great ways to get outside of your own head and envision the possible.

An elegant, thoughtful text reflecting on the meaning of work. Comes with a poet’s eye and hand. Gorgeous, reflective sentences.

Where I've Been

My Life

I am currently based in Bellefonte, PA, a gorgeous old town near Penn State University. I live in a real-life Victorian Mansion that overlooks Purdue Ridge and is a short walk to a creek with the most perfect creek sound in the world.