Find Your Why

and never again panic when someone asks "What do you do?"

An MD/Ph.D. student who never questions how to approach her work but feels unclear of how to start her grant proposal. A eligible man wondering why his dating profile turns up zero viable dates. A highly awarded new faculty member unsure of how to connect the dots between her academic interests. A successful business owner  and CEO who wants to show his new employees why commitment to the work matters. A motivational speaker unsure of how to tell her story online.

All of these people–all very real–have one thing in common: they hadn’t articulated their WHY.

Their stories were powerful but unsaid. Their energy was inspiring but the direction unclear. All they needed was one conversation to define and launch their work.

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Dana has helped me wade through some pretty murky ideas, to arrive at clearer thought and more elegant expression. She’s a good writer, but an even greater talent I have come to treasure, both in our friendship and our working collaborations, is her ability to help me sort through my internal “why” to find my own best words.

Michael Rog
Entrepreneur & Business Owner

I really cannot over emphasize this: Dana’s WHY workshop and ensuing report was WITHOUT QUESTION miles and miles and miles above any other workshop or facilitated event I have EVER attended. She helped me find coherency in my own life and the work I want to do in the world in a way that workshop leaders who were paid far more have been unable to do.

Dr. Jessica Menold
Founder of Amparo and CurioSpace, Penn State Mechanical Engineering Faculty

At my most vulnerable moment of announcing my business to the world and launching my own website, Dana made me feel safe and confident. She’s gone out of her way to make sure that she provides me with the help I’d need to take one more step further into living my dreams. Dana’s helped me share my story, yes, absolutely… AND THEN so much more. She really does make me feel like a superhero whenever she acknowledges the story of my past and talks about how much she believes in my vision. When you’re taken care of by Dana, you’re being wrapped around by a warm, freshly baked cinnamon roll with the icing just melting on top.

Jiggy Noon
Motivational Speaker

Dana is a listener, conceptualist, and the best kind of inquisitor. Her skills are the perfect match for anyone who may feel directionless or stuck in a project or process. Dana helps sort through the clutter. Like a miner searching for gold, Dana uses her ability to ask questions and talk through ideas as a tool for sifting through the mire. In the end, she leaves you with the very thing you were looking for—the gem (an idea, insight, or action step) that moves you forward! Her help has been invaluable to my creative process.

Erica Young Reitz

I solicited Dana’s help with updating an online dating profile. She was convinced that the same principles of finding one’s WHY would be relevant in this arena—and I was willing to try anything. Because this was such a frustrating area of my life, this could have been a very painful experience, but Dana did an excellent job of listening and providing empathy in addition to suggesting areas of improvement. By the end of that meeting, I had a brand new profile, which nearly instantly started to generate more visits. This new profile brought me to my current girlfriend and what is at least the most fulfilling relationship I have had in years.

Dr. Brian Nathan
Postdoctoral Researcher - Atmospheric Science

Dana helped me begin to launch a Social Enterprise initiative, transforming an idea into a reality. With her support, I worked to apply for and be awarded fellowships from the Business school to begin to incubate my project. I am thankful for her her ability to help me tell my WHY in a way that truly encapsulated who I am and who I want to be the world.

Hannah Allen
Social Innovator

I worked with Dana on a personal statement as part of a NIH biosketch, detailing my training in science and goals for my career. Dana was instrumental in making sure that my voice came through in every sentence of my personal statement to make sure that my story, intention, and WHY came through. We spent a good deal of time outlining my journey as a scientist in order to identify themes that have been meaningful for me throughout my career. My reviewers all commented on my personal statement as one of the strongest points of my application, and all stated that my goals and motivations for pursuing a career in science were very clearly defined in the personal statement.

Anjali Narayanan
Md/Ph.D. Candidate

How We Find Your WHY

In Just Two Sessions

WHY Workshops are designed for individuals and business owners to help you find and articulate the motivating story behind your work.

After two, 1 hour sessions, you will leave with a clearly identified and fully articulated WHY statement that underpins your life and work.

The first session, we create the first draft of your WHY. We use a six stage process that was developed through years of consulting “in transition writing” like cover letters and personal statements. We start big picture and work out way through your story like detectives looking for clues.

The second, we hone in on important adjustments and clarifications and begin to explore how knowing your WHY can be applied throughout your life and work.

And don’t worry about “not having one.” EVERYONE has a Why!

Signs You're Looking for WHY

You ask, “What am I even doing?” multiple times a day.

It’s hard to explain the work you do or want to do.

You’re in a big transition and have no idea where you’re going or what it all means.

Your business is expanding from just you to a new team.

You are niching in your industry but aren’t sure how to explain it.

You know what you do but have no idea what makes you unique.

People say you have “Too many interests” but you know it all goes together… somehow…

Ready to Find Your WHY?