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Before I left the west coast swing event last weekend, I re-introduced myself to a guy I had danced with sometime after midnight the previous day. His name was Logan and he was from Singapore. He greeted me with, “I remember you! That dance was amazing! Truly amazing!” I agreed. It had been a memorable...
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I’m stealing the form of this post from the Formidable Jade Perry over at Check out her post here.Everyone has their thing for what makes work go right. I have mine. Some of these are unique to me and some of them I’ve learned from other great creatives along the way. What are you essentials...
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Mostly Sarah Koenig. If you’ve been following my suggestions for podcasts, you’ve listened to “Serial”, created and hosted by Sarah Koenig. She’s a journalist with This American Life. Sarah lives in State College. Which makes us cool. She was invited to speak on campus. The auditorium was packed out of its 600 person capacity. 50...
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Actually, they’ve been my new best friend since August 26th, 2014. Yes, I remember the date well well. It was my first drive to Bucknell. Explanation: I live 1 hr 15 min away from the school I attend. This life choice was based on several important factors but I won’t go into that now. The...
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This is a post to the people who believe and those who lead them. It is also something written in the middle of pain and about people who never had the opportunity to speak for themselves away from their roles on stage or in spiritual leadership. It is hard to walk with someone in pain,...
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Yesterday, I watched a man my age follow a woman my age, his friend, with a camera. The light was gold and she was beautiful. She had dark eyes against her gold hair. She stood with elegance. She did not want her picture taken. She did not like pictures taken of her. She said, “No....
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 Prague I hear whistling everywhere I go. I hear it from my window from the guys doing construction on the building next to me each morning when I wake up. As I walk from one place to another, whether climbing a hill to see an ancient library in an ancient monastery, or take the tram...
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It’s really all about learning to be human. On being human. As alien as the Doctor is, what character can really be more human? He’s complicated and loving and angry and bitter and spontaneous. There is no character more human that the Doctor: because he feels alien. Feeling alien is part and parcel of being...
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A significant part of my years was baking cookies. I made them often. They were my “American Treat” for students and at parties and a claim to fame. I even got a superlative as the “Next Betty Crocker” from my Fulbright friends! Last week, for a Bulgarian lesson, I had to learn the vocabulary to...
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A recent NPR Book podcast reported that pleasure reading among teens is at an all record low. I’m not a teen anymore. Oh well. But pleasure reading has increased in the last few weeks. I think reading is beautiful. The tv shows got to be too much. Tv is about numbing it out. There has...
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