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Originally published at State College Magazine. Ellen Matis is all about connection. As the owner of Hello Social Co., a boutique digital media agency, you might guess that. But for Matis, the connection goes deeper than any vanity metric or sales number. “The people I can really help are businesses who have a genuine desire...
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I told a friend last night that summer is a time when I find it hard to write. Robin Becker, a PSU professor and poet, said at a reading that her body and mind is trained now to write freely and deeply when the summer comes and professorial duties are at their least. I have...
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Another year at Camp Westie has come and gone. This was our fourth year and we’re already heading towards our fifth. Someone said that our baby has graduated after four years. I said they’re about to start kindergarten. We started this event four years ago when we were babies in the West Coast Swing world....
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Hey Friends, It’s sometimes too easy for me to not share my voice on my own blog. I’m deeply invested in sharing the voices and formative experiences of incredible artists—not people you’ve heard of or would know, but the everyday artists who show up to their lives and their work with humility and commitment and...
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Last month, shortly after my return from Italy, Robbie and I took a spare Friday evening and wandered around State College’s First Friday events. Sauly Boy’s had their gelato in a stand on the street. I couldn’t decided between their unique flavors so I asked: What is the most unexpectedly delightful gelato? The woman knew...
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This story was originally published in State College Magazine. It is used here with permission. Between Snow Shoe and Bellefonte, you’ll find Rooted Farmstead up a two-mile gravel road. As you approach the property, there’s an old barn and leveled pasture and a little yellow house that spread out before you. Even in winter, you...
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Place. I’m asking how I can be part of the storytelling in places that I love. I feel an understanding with Pennsylvania farm country that is noticeable only when it is absent like in a recent vacation I took to Colorado. The mountains and plains and foothills startled me around every turn. I could never...
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Julius CaesarFree and Open to the public7:30pm, Old Main Lawn, tonight and Friday nightImportant note: I will be applauding and recommending PSU’s production of Julius Caesar in this post. But there are several disturbing moments. Some trigger content: actors carrying real assault weapons, a blank shot fired at a prisoner in a black hood, sounds and...
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What is embarrassing for you doesn’t ever seem that bad to other people. But the feeling is real. The burn that starts in the stomach and shoots towards the face. The instinct to turn away, to curl up over your center. RUN. Tear your hair. Writhe. It all has so much power even months after...
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When my New York cousins visited my Georgia childhood home, the oldest boys brought some sort of game consul that they played without ceasing on the ancient tv in the basement. The games had monsters that fascinated and scared me to the point that I had trouble sleeping, or at least that’s what I assume...
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