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  This is me at 18. I had just graduated from high school. This summer “in-between” was spent at my dad’s workplace as a summer intern, crunching data sets in excel sheets and drawing trace lines around the heart beat peaks and valleys in the ultrasound machine. There was not a lot to do and...
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“I don’t plan on getting political. But I need to say this: that was incredible. I don’t see three women dancing. I see three performance artists kicking ass and doing their thing.” –Robert Royston Hours after watching Triversity perform at DCSX (November 19th, 2017), I struggled to articulate my thoughts—mostly because my voice kept catching...
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We stepped into Martine’s in Galway, Ireland, looking for a cozy place to have dinner. It was our fifth night of our honeymoon and we’d covered the width of the island, hiked the Cliffs of Moher, and begun our quest for the best Old Fashioned in the country. There weren’t any seats immediately available so...
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I love letters. I have collections of letters from over the years of my life. I keep childhood letters in a floral box in a deep closet in our house. Every few years I pull them out and enjoy the child script on such scarce and valuable American Girl Doll stationary. In high school, I...
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“I’m still waiting to hear about the neighbors talking about the madman who cut off the front of his house,” Benjamin Fehl laughs. We are sitting in his garage-converted studio in Milesburg, door propped open to let in the early spring day and the first blue sky, the kind of day where the bushes decided...
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The last two weeks, I’ve lived in Tufo, Italy, a tiny town with a castle about an hour east of Naples. I lived there with four other writers in a little pink house for the Backyard Writer’s Residency. It was my first experience with this type of residency, the only close experience being the following:...
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Look at it. Me on the left just nine weeks ago after I rummaged through the closet and tried on a million things. I was supposed to wear my current favorite outfit to share with my new classmates in this thing called Style School. My favorite? What was my favorite outfit? I definitely didn’t have...
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147 Dead in Kenyan university attack. Explosions kill 40+ in Beirut, Lebanon. Unknown number shot in Paris attack. There is death.   Act II. Hamlet. Just at the end of this act, Hamlet is left alone on stage. He’s just arranged for a performance for the royal court by a traveling troupe. And one of...
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I was settling in yesterday to write a book review when I saw Byron Borger (of the beloved Hearts and Minds Bookstore) post about the passing of writer and wise woman Phyllis Tickle. This post is in memory of her. I never met Phyllis. Or not exactly. I went to a festival of “Faith and...
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Place. I’m asking how I can be part of the storytelling in places that I love. I feel an understanding with Pennsylvania farm country that is noticeable only when it is absent like in a recent vacation I took to Colorado. The mountains and plains and foothills startled me around every turn. I could never...
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