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Originally published at State College Magazine. Ellen Matis is all about connection. As the owner of Hello Social Co., a boutique digital media agency, you might guess that. But for Matis, the connection goes deeper than any vanity metric or sales number. “The people I can really help are businesses who have a genuine desire...
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Another year at Camp Westie has come and gone. This was our fourth year and we’re already heading towards our fifth. Someone said that our baby has graduated after four years. I said they’re about to start kindergarten. We started this event four years ago when we were babies in the West Coast Swing world....
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Story first shared at the Camp Westie Blog!  Jerome is a man who falls in love at first sight. When he sees what he wants, he knows it. There is no halfway with Jerome. He will go all in. Karate might be his first love. He’d studied the martial art for most of his childhood,...
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This profile was originally published on the Camp Westie blog.  Bonnie has an exploration running in the back of all her dancing: she wants to know what kinds of stories can be told in a partner dance. “Not all stories can be told with two people. It’s why we get so many broken heart stories....
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Any party wins when Amanda Cruz shows up with a dish. It is, after all, her career to create with food. A one-time hobby, cooking is now her life as the entrepreneur and chef behind The Gourmet Girl Personal Chef Service. At its heart, Cruz’s work serves people in their most basic need — to eat...
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Hey Friends, It’s sometimes too easy for me to not share my voice on my own blog. I’m deeply invested in sharing the voices and formative experiences of incredible artists—not people you’ve heard of or would know, but the everyday artists who show up to their lives and their work with humility and commitment and...
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Meet Jerry, my new friend hanging above the couch in my living room. Jerry is a rooster. Roosters are the sign that the sun is rising, the night is over, a new day is here. Jerry is a gift. A gift for a new day. A wedding gift. My friend William Snyder III (goes by...
can i buy Depakote over the counter in usa
  This is me at 18. I had just graduated from high school. This summer “in-between” was spent at my dad’s workplace as a summer intern, crunching data sets in excel sheets and drawing trace lines around the heart beat peaks and valleys in the ultrasound machine. There was not a lot to do and...
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“I don’t plan on getting political. But I need to say this: that was incredible. I don’t see three women dancing. I see three performance artists kicking ass and doing their thing.” –Robert Royston Hours after watching Triversity perform at DCSX (November 19th, 2017), I struggled to articulate my thoughts—mostly because my voice kept catching...
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“I want to be a part of telling the stories that are empowering to be told.” Megan Staub tells me this on a clear fall day, the kind where you can see the full length of the valley from my front porch. We’re on the phone and she’s at her home in Charleston, SC working...
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