What I Do

Help People Tell Their Stories

I hope

I hope that you read these stories and reflections and feel like you’re sitting down with a new best friend over coffee. I hope you read these stories and feel like it’s the start of an important friendship in your life, the kind of friend that you’d tell anything too because they opened up to you. I hope it feels like a warm cup of tea or a cold pint of beer or a sweet and tart gin rickey. I hope we can have that conversation too.

About Me

My WHY is to help you find and articulate your WHY.

I got started helping people tell their stories in college. I worked at the university writing center and found that the best times were helping a struggling personal statement find its feet and make its way in the world. I loved helping students say “This is why I want what I want. This is why I am who I am.” The why is the secret key to unlocking the spirit–and everyone already has their why. They just need help saying it.

I’m also a writer and idea-wrangler, which is why I love to tell stories with profiles and essays. At home, I live with my partner in a Victorian mansion in a small town above a beautiful creek in Pennsylvania–yes, it’s absurdly, embarrassingly beautiful.