How do you work?

I told a friend last night that summer is a time when I find it hard to write. Robin Becker, a PSU professor and poet, said at a reading that her body and mind is trained now to write freely and deeply when the summer comes and professorial duties are at their least. I have been trained on the opposite clock: to write for the assignment in the year. My mind is increasingly disorganized and lazy in these summer months, these brightest days of the year.
I love summer. I think that 81 degrees, low humidity, and bright sun is my favorite type of day. I love what wind feels like in that heat. I love how bright the sun is. I love sleeping out in it. I love the sunsets. I love sweet corn. I love being warm. I love summer.
Summer is like taking a shower for me. Some people think best in the shower. Their best meditative work happens there. Not for me. I’m so enjoying myself that I can’t think at all. I find it hard to think in summer heat, whether overly oppressive or just right. I can think all too well on cold and gloomy days.
What I do best in the summer is read. Lots and lots. I read from many genres, for intellectual growth and simple pleasure. Biography to essay to crime novels. It’s a time of feeding. Of growing. A time waiting for fall when that time kicks into gear for some academic work.
But perhaps I will someday be retrained. I won’t be returning to academic work this fall. No courses. No assignments. Will I write? Will I make things?
I think that is a choice (horribly) left entirely up to me.
What seasons do you do your best work in? What are other conditions that you need in place to make things? Am I just making up excuses for not having written anything this summer and barely posted?
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  1. Thank you!! I've been in a dry spell this summer and pretty much the only thing I've written are little memories and prayers in my journal. And it's been highly frustrating, but I've been too busy, tired, or having too much fun to think deeply and write. It's good to know that I'm not the only one whose writing mind takes a break (without permission) come summertime. Hopefully it will end with the colored leaves 🙂