Rooster for a New Day

Meet Jerry, my new friend hanging above the couch in my living room.

Me super happy about Jerry

Jerry is a rooster. Roosters are the sign that the sun is rising, the night is over, a new day is here.

Jerry is a gift. A gift for a new day. A wedding gift.

My friend William Snyder III (goes by Will) gave Jerry to me and Robbie as a wedding present.

Will is brave. A year ago, he launched out on his own as an artist. He’s got a deep commitment—even a calling—to nurture the art life of State College. He believes it’s essential for the humanity of our town.

He’d been making art for years. And last year, a new year, he decided to try something new. He decided to go all in and make his life a life of art. To represent his big new work, he started a series of roosters.

New roosters. A new day.

Now, a year later, Will’s in the middle of this risky life he chose. It’s not an easy gig.

There are ups, like being the new manager at the art gallery downtown.

There are some downs–his art life is not exactly a lucrative one.

And still, when two people he knows decide to get married, he hands them a framed copy of an original piece. Not a discount to a piece we’d talked about buying for months. No, just handed over on a cold afternoon, just a fully framed gift to hang on our wall to mark our new beginning.

That’s generosity. That’s the work of an artist.

Isn’t he beautiful?

Does someone you know have a new beginning in their life? Give them a gift. Give them a gorgeous rooster to mark their new beginning. Honor the risks, the leaps, the choices that might not pan out. Honor the wedding, the new business, the first day of that Ph.D. program. Mark the day with a picture that tells the story, full of color and life.

And there’s a name for every new beginning. Ours is Jerry.

See the Rooster Series here.

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