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Last month, shortly after my return from Italy, Robbie and I took a spare Friday evening and wandered around State College’s First Friday events. Sauly Boy’s had their gelato in a stand on the street. I couldn’t decided between their unique flavors so I asked:

What is the most unexpectedly delightful gelato?

The woman knew immediately what she wanted me to try. It was a surprise. She let me taste it and I failed at identifying the sweet, bright, and earthy flavors in my mouth. As I scanned the list, one name caught my eye: strawberry rosemary balsamic gelato. This was it! I bought a full bowl and ate it in cheerful ecstasy as we listened to bands play and looked at the art displays.

Last weekend, Robbie and I visited friends in Pittsburgh. It was a much needed time away. We did nothing but wander from place to place in the Strip District, enjoying life, enjoying food, enjoying the company. It was the most relaxed we’ve been together in a long time.

Because I’m a tea-drinker, we made a special stop just for me at Prestogeorge Coffee and Tea. I wandered the room overwhelmed by 300+ choices for loose leaf tea, smelling this and that. I gave up on choosing and asked the man behind the counter:

What is the most unexpectedly delightful tea?

He looked surprised, paused, and then told me two teas that were his favorite. He seemed to lower his voice as if letting me on a secret, one he’d been dying to share. I walked out of the store with a Nepalese tea that tasted like rain in a garden.

When you ask for the unexpectedly delightful, people will tell you the magic they’ve found in the world. They’ll let you in the secret, the one they’ve wanted everyone to know but no one bothered to ask.

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