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2 Responses
  1. Thanks for sharing this, Dana. You bring up some good points in this. There was something about the picture quality that did make things look a bit more CGI than in LOTR (which my friend said happens in the Blu-Ray version of LOTR). The other evening I was reading through Tolkien's "Unfinished Tales" the other night, and it seems as though there was a meeting of the Council, where Gandalf told them about the Necromancer (it doesn't give a location for this, however). While Radagast was a bit odd (I found some notes on him in the "Unfinished Tales" too) I thought that they did a good job at making him into a full-blown character. Something that I liked was how they kept some of the songs from the book, and didn't make them cheesy in the process. The soundtrack as a whole is great, I think (I've listened to it a few times in the past few weeks).
    While it doesn't stay true to the book, and has cliche things (such as the chase scene), I still enjoyed it as an adventure (enough to see it again soon). Looks like we might have to agree to disagree (and I won't even challenge your Tolkien credentials, because you have way more than me!). I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on it!